Valentine’s Guided Love Meditation Offer

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Couples Love Meditation


Couples Love Meditation Session


A unique gift for your loved one.  How about sharing this deeply connection experience of a guided love mediation with him/her?  A safe place for you to share a spiritual and relaxation session in private studio.

A beautiful sharing session between you and your loved one.  A guided mediation for you both to take some time to connect and enjoy this alone time together. Set in beautiful candle lit surroundings just for you both as a couple.

Starting with a love tea ceremony and sharing that special quiet time, breath connection exercises to enable you both to connect your sub bodies and energies.  A love connection guided meditation by Tina, where you can appreciated each other’s soulful energies.  Closing the session when you both share your love affirmations.

The Valentine’s offer  is an 1 hour session for each couple.

Bookings available with 3 months of purchase.

Session Fee £30

Please contact for purchase

Tel. 01024 774747

Text 07511532297


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