Meditate Anywhere…Anytime…


Meditation is actually easily used if you just know how!

So let’s get started with a few fast and on the move meditations for everyday life.

To describe meditation, think of it like its an exercise for your mind, to re-balance your approach to what is happening right now or whatever has happened during your day. You can take 5 mins to give yourself “time out” of your busier than ever life! I give you permission 🙂

Lets just begin with 5 minute “on the move” meditations.


Try the PRESS PAUSE !! method. Pause on what you are thinking many times during the day, just for a few seconds and look at your thoughts. Are they positive thoughts? Are they negative thoughts? Are you being too critical on yourself? This is the beginning of disciplining your mind and your thought patterns.


The clue is in the word! Your mind is full is what you are doing right now! From eating to walking to breathing, be absorbed in the now, in the detail of whats happening to your body and mind, savouring each breath and moment makes you slow down. Mindfulness opens your eyes to the details that we miss on a daily basis.


We can’t help but breathe right? So lets use our breath to keep us calm and balanced. Use the Ana Pana Sati meaning Mindfulness of Breath meditation. This is one of the easiest meditations to start with breathing naturally, concentrate on your breath, following the breath as you breath, your mind is following the air entering into your body and leaving your body. Just a little concentration is needed here. Carry on following the breath until you feel calmer.

COUNT 4-2-6

Concentrating on your breath and controlling your breathing. Inhale for the count of 4, hold your breath for the count of 2 and exhale for the count of 6. Repeat this for 5 minutes using your mind to follow your breathing pattern and add the following thoughts of; exhale – releasing any stress and inhale – take in renewal.


Choose your mantra ie. I can do this or I am Love or I am calm. Any mantra that has meaning to you personally can be used. Slientley repeat this affirmation mantra to yourself on a regualr basis throughout your day.


Very powerful and easily obtainable when you have your goal in your mind, keep your focus and visit your goal visually in you mind. What does your goal look like? How does your goal feel when you have achieved it? Smile and visualise…..

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Love and Light Tina


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