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Who runs the meditation classes at Kokoon? 

Tina runs the meditation classes. Having almost 10 years of personal meditation practice and having gained qualifications  to teach meditation. Being raised by a Christian mother and a Buddhist father, Tina’s childhood exposure to both practices intrigued her curious mind to discover more. Find out more about Tina’s meditation journey here. 

 Tina says; my meditation classes vary from week to week. I help the participants look within themselves, this has proved to enhance their daily living by approaching situations in a calmer and more objective and positive way. We all need to take time out of our lives just to have a look at life from another angle. That is just one of the things in life that meditation can help with.

I’m a beginner, can I attend? 

Absolutely, even the more advanced students need to refresh on various meditations. The sessions are quite varied so they accommodate a mix of levels. 

What type of meditation classes do you hold? 

The guided meditation classes are about empowerment, self discovery, calming and quieting the mind. Giving yourself so ‘me time’. We cover a whole host of areas from Chakras, self growth, compassion to abundance and manifestation. 

How long does each session last?

Each session is an hour long. The Lotus room is a calming and peaceful place. 

What do we sit on during the session? 

Specifically chosen oriental sitting/laying cushions that give the maximum comfort for the session. Kokoon offers blankets and cushions to aid a warm and comfortable session. 

What do I wear to meditation? 

  • Bring some socks as shoes are left outside.
  • Wear something that you came sit in, something soft and comfortable.
  • Mobile phone are requested be turned off during the session.

Are the meditation sessions spiritual? 

Meditation does open the door to spirituality however there is no specific spiritual message or agenda in the sessions. Tina believes spirituality is a very personal journey, which can to be shared during session if desired.

Student testimonal: 

Wendy Halls – I can’t recommend this place highly enough…! Tina you have taught me so much and been a massive support for me and my ‘monkey mind’. Anyone who needs to escape the stresses of everyday life and generally take time for themselves then Kokoon is definitely the place to be.


Call to book your session  

Monday 6.30pm 

 Tel. 01204774747 

Mobile 07511532297

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